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Crafting a brand voice that resonates with your ideal audience

Read Time: 5-7 mins.

TLDR: Ever wondered how some brands just get ‘voice’ so right? As we peel back the layers on what makes a brand voice not just heard, but crush-worthy, we’re crafting a series designed to do just that.

By the end, you’ll emerge with a brand voice that not only stands out but also resonates deeply with your audience, making your brand more relatable and unforgettable.

Can You Have a Crush on Somebody’s Voice?

You know exactly what we mean about crushing on somebody’s voice—you can feel those tingles zipping down your spine as you think about hearing that one person speaking. But it’s not just the way they sound—that’s a whole ‘nother topic—but how they deliver and the way it impacts you.

Imagine stepping into a bustling soiree, the air thick with conversations, laughter piercing through the hum of music. Suddenly, a voice cuts through the noise—not just any voice, but one that’s unmistakably unique and compelling. That’s the kind of voice somebody develops a crush on.

That, my friends, is the magic of a well-defined brand voice. It’s not just the cherry on top; it’s the whole sundae. Your brand voice is how you share your world, your values, and your stories with the audience. It’s about making those authentic connections in a sea of endless marketing blabber.

From uncovering your brand’s soul to mastering the art of speaking your audience’s language, we’ll take a closer look with exercises in each post, helping you craft a voice that’s unmistakably yours.


Let’s Talk About Those Who’ve Nailed It

Name a brand that dishes out sass on social media like it’s their job (well, it kinda is) better than Wendy’s. I’ll wait.

And then there’s Old Spice, flipping the script with humor so bold, it makes machismo look like child’s play.

“Hello ladies. Look at your man. Now back to me. Now back at your man. Now back to me. Sadly, he isn’t me.”

Watch Old Spice 


These brands? They’ve mastered the art of standing out, proving that a unique voice is more than just words—it’s a bridge to your audience’s heart.

MailChimp: MailChimp’s voice aligns with its core values of simplicity and approachability. They use a friendly and conversational tone in their communications, making complex email marketing concepts easy to understand for their audience. This aligns with their commitment to empowering small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Old Spice: Old Spice’s voice reflects its core value of breaking stereotypes and embracing humor. By using bold and humorous messaging, Old Spice challenges traditional notions of masculinity and appeals to a younger, more progressive audience. This aligns with their brand’s ethos of being confident, playful, and unapologetically unique.

Wendy’s: Wendy’s voice embodies its core values of authenticity and boldness. They engage with their audience on social media platforms with witty and sometimes sassy remarks, showing a genuine, unfiltered personality. This aligns with their brand’s commitment to providing quality food and honest interactions with customers, distinguishing them in the fast-food industry.

Digging Into Your Brand’s Soul

So, how do you start this journey to uncover your brand’s voice? First, let’s get introspective:

  • What’s The Vibe? Picture your brand crashing that same party. How does it hold itself? Is it cracking jokes, or is it sharing profound insights in the corner?
  • Core Values: What stands at the heart of your brand? Innovation? Sustainability? Jot down those non-negotiables that shape every message you send out.
  • Personifying Your Brand: If your brand were a person, who would it be? Describe this character—adventurous, sophisticated, down-to-earth? Let’s sketch them out in words.
  • Adjectives Assemble: From your persona sketch, pick three adjectives that capture your brand’s spirit. These are your brand’s signature moves.
  • Voice It Out: Now, imagine your brand having a heart-to-heart with your dream customer. How does it speak? What does it say?
  • Visual Feast: Finally, bring your brand’s vibe into the visual realm. What colors, fonts, and images echo its essence?

Meeting Your Audience Where They Are

Now that your brand’s voice is starting to hit its stride, let’s shift our focus to the real MVPs—your audience. Understanding them isn’t just about crunching numbers or stats; it’s about digging into what really makes them tick—their desires, challenges, dreams—the whole shebang. It’s about making sure that when your brand speaks up, it’s talking their language, you know, the one that really hits home.

Really connecting involves getting down into the trenches. Diving deep into their lives, their likes, their pet peeves—heck, even their guilty pleasure reality TV shows. Tap into their vibes through social listening (ex: stalking their Instagram), surveys, and feedback. By tuning into their needs and dreams, you’ll be able to tailor your messaging and products in a way that’s like music to their ears, building up that trust and loyalty along the way.

Why Flexibility Is Your BFF
Remember, while your brand’s voice stays steady, the tone can (and should) shift depending on the platform and context. It’s about striking the right chord, whether you’re crafting a tweet, penning a heartfelt blog post, or answering customer queries.

But here’s the kicker—being flexible also means being adaptable. Keep your finger on the pulse of what’s trending, how your audience is evolving, and any tech breakthroughs that could shake things up. By rolling with the punches, you’ll stay fresh and relevant, keeping your audience engaged whether responding to a customer concern or you’re in launch mode.

Bringing It All Together
You want your brand voice to be that voice at the crowded party. Today, we’ll work on discovering your brand’s essence, where we explore the personality and core values that make your brand unique. Are you that partygoer person cracking jokes or sharing profound insights? Stay tuned as we continue to explore how to express this essence across all platforms, ensuring your brand stands out in the crowded marketplace.

Hint: Consistency is key. Build out some solid brand guidelines and style rules to keep everything on track.

The It Girl

Understanding your brand’s essence and how it resonates helps you craft an authentic voice to make every interaction personal and every message impactful.

Maybe the the effervescent charm of “That Girl” TikTok isn’t your brand’s vibe, but there is some sort of an aesthetic you want to project. So, start with where you’re at, and decide how to get there.

Stay true to your brand’s values and mission, and let your personality shine through in everything you do. Being real builds trust and loyalty with your audience, setting you apart from the crowd in all the best ways.

The “It Girl” Brand Personification Exercise

Take a hard look at your brand by personifying it:

1. Character Sketch: Imagine your brand as a person at a networking event. How do they introduce themselves? What’s their first impression?

2. Values and Beliefs: List the top 3 values or beliefs this person staunchly stands for. How do these reflect in their conversations?

3. Tone of Voice: When they speak, what’s their tone? Are they humorous, serious, or perhaps reassuring? Write a short dialogue to capture this.

4. Style and Aesthetics: Describe their appearance and style. How does this visual representation align with your brand’s aesthetics?

5. Engagement with Others: How do they react to others? Are they a listener, an advisor, or the life of the party? Provide an example of an interaction.

6. Reflection: Compare this character sketch to your current brand presence. What aligns well, and where are the gaps? How can you bridge these differences to align your brand’s essence with your version of the “It Girl”?


Next Up

That’s a wrap on crafting a brand voice that stands out. We’ve started the conversation about what makes your brand uniquely you. Stay tuned for practical steps in our next post to further refine your brand’s voice by exploring the psychology behind connecting with your audience. If you want to tackle defining your brand in a tangible way, download our DIY Starter Kit.

Elaborate Daydreams Designs by Meg FIscher Branding Showit website blog post The Power of a Crush Worthy Brand Voice

The Power of a Crush-Worthy Brand Voice

Brand Identity

February 26, 2024

Blog Objective: Crafting a brand voice that resonates with your ideal audience Read Time: 5-7 mins. TLDR: Ever wondered how some brands just get ‘voice’ so right? As we peel back the layers on what makes a brand voice not just heard, but crush-worthy, we’re crafting a series designed to do just that. By the end, […]

The Power of a Crush-Worthy Brand Voice

Elaborate Daydreams Designs by Meg FIscher Branding Showit website blog post The Power of a Crush Worthy Brand Voice
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