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Objective: How consistent branding & a strategic website designs can supercharge your business, opening doors to new clients and markets with style.

Est. Read Time: 3-5 mins.

TLDR: A well-crafted brand & a professional website don’t seem to be an option any longer—they’re a necessity.

Why? As tech continues to flourish, small business owners can now imagine spaces where their creative vision shines 24/7, it’s accessible to potential clients with a reach further than they imagined, & reflects their unique style and flair.

10 Ways a Website & Cohesive Brand Could Help:

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*What’s Moxie?

A freelancer’s dream! Moxie’s a comprehensive tool designed to streamline the workflow of freelancers & small business owners. (Also, that is for an affiliate account, so Elaborate Daydreams would earn money if you signed up through it. Our Diet Coke fund thanks you!)

A list of Moxie’s features I love:

  • Client Management: Keep all client information in one place, streamline onboarding, and maintain transparent communication through custom client portals
  • Project Management: Organize projects with high-level deliverables and granular tasks. Manage deadlines, files, and notes all in one centralized location to enhance productivity
  • Accounting: Simplify bookkeeping by tracking expenses, generating profit and loss reports, and integrating with tools like QuickBooks. Keep your finances in check effortlessly
  • Proposals & Contracts: Create custom proposals and contracts with ease. Use templates, add legal terms, and transform proposals into signed contracts to kick off new projects
  • Scheduling Meetings: Eliminate back-and-forth emails with an integrated meeting scheduler. Clients can easily book meetings based on your availability
  • Calendar Tracking: Sync all your schedules in one place. Manage deadlines, meetings, and project timelines with a comprehensive calendar view
  • Invoicing: Create and send invoices, track billable hours, and manage payments seamlessly. Use automated reminders to ensure timely payments
  • Time Tracking: Track your time by project or task, allowing for precise billing and productivity analysis. Adjust pricing and services based on detailed time reports
  • Collaboration: Invite team members or freelancers to collaborate on projects. Set permissions and keep everyone aligned with assigned tasks and shared progress updates
  • Sales Pipeline: Manage leads and prospects with a customized sales pipeline. Automate follow-ups and client onboarding to convert prospects into paying clients efficiently
  • Client Portal: Provide clients with a customized portal where they can track project progress, approve deliverables, and make payments, ensuring a smooth client experience
  • Communicator: Consolidate all client communications in one place. Emails, calls, and messages are organized for easy tracking and follow-up
  • Forms: Use embedded forms to capture leads, gather client information, and streamline the discovery phase of new projects

How a Website & Branding Can Change Your Small Business

Branding, Creative Entrepreneurs, Digital Presence

June 10, 2024

Discover how a well-crafted brand & professional website can transform your small business.

From showcasing your portfolio 24/7 & reaching a broader audience with SEO, to building trust with a cohesive brand message & streamlining client onboarding—explore 10 ways a website & branding can drive clarity & growth for your small business.

How a Website & Branding Can Change Your Small Business

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