We believe in intuitive designs that are relatable & impactful, so your brand feels as authentic & unique as your creative endeavor.

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Elevating standards, exceeding expectations.

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Harmonizing aesthetics with intuitive function.

Intuitive Design

Transforming ideas into visual stories.

Creativity Unleashed

Building deep, meaningful partnerships.

Authentic Connection

Our Core Values

feminine INTUITIVE / youthful / romantic DYNAMIC lighthearted

our brand is:

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Working at Night
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How many other designers can say they started playing around with websites + branding before they were a preteen? It's true—back in the '90's, I even ran a Backstreet Boys 'zine. (If you know what that is, don't worry, your secret's safe with me—once you tell me.)

Despite wanting to pursue graphic design, somehow I ended up with a Bachelor's in Communications/Marketing + a Master's Degree in Admin. Services. After a dozen years working in public service & raising two rad humans, I launched Designs by Meg Fischer in 2018. A few years later, after spending too many days with a lump in my throat & tears pricking my eyes, I needed a break. So I did the thing they tell you never do: I quit my day job.

In 2022/23, I was diagnosed with combined-ADHD, & adopted a new brand name & story for my template shop. Even though heartache + struggle comes along for the ride with neurodivergency, there's parts of it that I love.

The name Elaborate Daydreams celebrates the parts of being different that I find awesome—from the intense focus & emotional intelligence to the spontaneity, hyperfixation on carrying out the creative vision stuck in my brain, & wanting to make genuine connections—all of which shape our core values & the passion we have for our clients

Owner & designer of Designs by Meg Fischer & the Elaborate Daydreams Template Shop

The Designer

A bit more about me...

The Fun Stuff

Bill Hader, Chace Crawford, & Alan Ritchson


sense of humor

favorite quality in a person

Strawberry rhubarb pie


4 & 6


The Secret Room


32 & 38

favorite snl season

  • Dogs are my favorite thing. Like, ever.
  • I've been with my husband over half my life.
  • We name pets after beloved TV characters [Chandler Bing, Pam Beesly, Gob Bluth, Winston Bishop).
  • My ADHD tax = indecisive about silly stuff. Either my husband chooses or I use PickerWheel.
  • Sims 4 builds (& gameplay, if i'm being honest) are my favorite stress reducer).
  • The hyperfixations are strong with this one. (I used to hide a stack Fruit Roll Ups in my desk!)
  • I'd love to live at the beach.
  • You want me on your team on trivia night.


everybody knows...



Wanna hear a secret?

Been there, done that: We adore Pinterest. It's our Google for all things creative. So we know how easy it is to search for hours on end. Eyes glazed over from a session of mindless scrolling, collecting inspiration for a brand that never quite materializes.

Let's be real: making beautiful mood boards isn't the same thing as having a cohesive brand or a killer website.

Custom design is expensive, time-consuming, & not the right fit for every brand.

When you need a top-tier website & brand designer, you want a fellow creative. Someone kind & easy to work with, who truly understands the heart of your brand.

I'm not here to give you just a beautiful aesthetic—I want to help you build a cohesive brand & credibility.

So, ditch the Pinterest doomscroll. Instead, let's craft a brand that's unmistakably you, together.

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