Elaborate Daydreams 

Like Hansel, these are so hot right now:

Thanks for stopping by the blog. The blog is for sharing insights into Showit designs, branding, and my experience as a creative living with ADHD.

Beyond tips & tricks for boosting your website's appeal, you'll read stories from the trenches of design work that illustrate the impact of a well-crafted site.

So hey, nice to meet ya, I'm Meghan (though most call me Megs or Meg). My goal is to help you elevate your brand to where it deserves to be—front & center, attracting & engaging your ideal audience.

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Wanna hear a secret?

Custom design is expensive, time-consuming, & not the right fit for every brand.

When you need a top-tier website & brand designer, you want a fellow creative. Someone kind & easy to work with, who truly understands the heart of your brand.

I'm not here to give you just a beautiful aesthetic—I want to help you build a cohesive brand & credibility.